28 October 2015 - 5 December 2015

To coincide with our move to a new location, we are planning another exhibition of limited editions and unique works to open on Wednesday October 28 2015 at 6pm,. This is an opportunity for us to connect with artists whose work we admire and to work again with artists we have commissioned or shown at the gallery. During the past six years we have produced Collaborators 1, 2 & 3 and this new exhibition will celebrate our new location.

This will be the first exhibition in our amazing new 2000 ft space in Marylebone at
ROAMING ROOM 37-39 Bryanston Mews West London W1H 2BW

Over the past four years we have established a relationship with the Portman Estate, which enables us to operate in different sites and situations in Marylebone. This is a move away from conventional gallery spaces and gives artists a chance to imagine something unusual and extraordinary and very experimental. The buildings are due for redevelopment and Portman Estates have entrusted us with this building for two years. It is a continuation of our five year relationship with Portman Estate who also work with The Serpentine and Art Angel.

The building is over one floor behind Bryanston Square. There are 9 rooms of varying size and we have customised the space to give it a dramatic and dynamic look.

Alexandra Hughes
Ambrosine Allen
Amikam Toren
Andro Semeiko
Billy Macrae
Carolyn Bunt
Chris Shaw Hughes
Cristina Garrido
Diana Taylor
Emma Stibbon
Frances Richardson
Gordon Cheung
Gweneth Fugard
Jayne Parker
John Plowman
Julie Cockburn
Lesley Punton
Lydia & Phoebe Lake
Mark Dunhill &
Tamiko O’Brien
Reynir Hutber
Ron Haselden
Rose Davey
Rowena Hughes
Sarah Dobai
Sean Griffiths
Shelagh Wakely
Simon Ward
Tabatha Andrews
Tom Wolseley

37-39 Bryanston Mews West
London W1H 2BM

07870 191663 or 07831 193014

Opening Thursday - Saturday 12:00 - 18:00